Simple! You sign up and become a Member of Adovation and your credit card will be billed $149.00 on a quarterly basis in perpetuity. Just set it and forget it!

Simple! Reach out to Adovation (chat, phone or email) and request to cancel your account and ask for a refund. We'll make the changes with PayPal immediately and that should be that. We will however ask why, and if we could have done something better, to make you and the rest of our Members more satisfied in the future.

The quickest answer to this question is to steer you towards our Contact Us page and see if you can find the party you're looking for. If not, at any time you can open a chat session and speak with a company representative who can better handle your request.

No, your points are your points and you may use them or donate them as you wish.

Please check our Contact Us page and see if you can find the party who might best answer your question is listed. You may always click on the chat box and speak with a company representative or call us during office hours.

Yes. Shares are for active Members who are promoting our Organization. Once Membership has been canceled those shares are removed from the pool thereby increasing the value of remaining shares for active Members.

Yes! We actively encourage all our Members to submit their ideas for consideration. Once reviewed and voted on, we'll build the app for you on one condition, these apps must be made available to all Adovation Members free of charge.

Yes, we feel very strongly about helping our community and if that's the business you're in, we'd like to help. 

We take CANSPAM rules very seriously here at Adovation and we insist that all lists, uploaded or inserted manually, are organic in nature and legitimate Opt-In's from individuals that have agreed to accept your solicitation. Further explaination can be found in our Terms & Conditions if you have any questions as to how far we will go to enforce our policy. Don't SPAM!


3 easy steps. 1st, go to Settings and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 2) Click Add new account and choose "Other" and then Add Mail Account. 3) Lastly, enter your name, your (Adovation) Username@Adovation.org and your "password." (You can skip "Description" - optional if desied.) Then, all you have to do is click Next and fill in the "Incoming mail Server" boxes with mail.adovation.org, yourusername@adovation.org & your password. Then, in "Out going" enter mail.adovation.org, click Next and save.

You should be all set. If you experience any issues or would like personal assistance, feel free to call us at 866-824-5409 or use our online chat.